Nowadays, PSIM class systems are used on a growing number of facilities


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Public transport

Protecting public transportation facilities is an integral part of each passengers safety

A wide technology range that is currently used in airports and railway stations may become overwhelming if not managed effectively.

Starting with peripheral detection systems, through CCTV systems with image analysis to access control and anti-theft system, LPR systems, drone detection technologies and other systems – all of them generate a huge amount of data.

That is why a smart combination of these systems is the best way to manage the risk actively and to reduce the effects of potential events.

Critical infrastructure

Energy, utilities and communication have the key importance in every life aspect of each of us.

We all depend on an uninterrupted supply of water, electricity, gas, fuel for vehicles and communication systems.

Providers of these utilities are forced to invest in security processes, technology and skilled personnel to ensure that the services they provide are protected from a range of threats such as theft, vandalism and terrorism.

Getting maximal value from the security investments already made is key to dealing with growing threats and optimizing security budgets.

Integration and intelligent use of correlated data can lead to greater automation of processes, optimal use of personnel and effective use of remote facility monitoring, by using the VENOM platform to integrate all these essential systems.

Corporate enterprises

Ograniczanie zagrożeń dla ludzi, mienia, infrastruktury i danych przy jednoczesnym zarządzaniu kosztami to złożone wyzwanie dla współczesnych korporacji

Mitigating threats to people, property, infrastructure and data while managing costs is a complex challenge for today’s corporations

It is estimated that the number of connected sensors will exceed 300 billion by 2021, while the security industry spends about 2.7 billion dollars every year on research and development.

We help organizations implement new technologies that help manage security threats across the enterprise.

We understand huge amounts of data, produced by these systems, while maintaining an optimal control of security operations.

Centralised management and control of local, national and global security infrastructure can support risk mitigation and increase security management efficiency.

Financial sector

The most important challenge for the whole financial sector is to ensure personnel, clients, property and infrastructure safety.

A wide range of environments, in which banking and finance operate, requires flexible systems that can be adapted to new technologies and contemporary demands.

Finance corporation headquarters, retail units, ATM networks, box offices and data centres – all have different requirements for ensuring the highest standard of security.

Managing diverse infrastructure, facilities and technologies, combined with the challenges of complex alarm handling processes and reporting requirements, can impact cost, performance and compliance.

Many financial institutions use the VENOM PSIM platform that ensures a valuable insight into specific challenges encountered during an integration of different systems and key data aggregation in order to support making the right decisions.

Uniformed services

We help uniformed institutions by ensuring that they integrate the systems they use and increase situational awareness to ensure rapid response.

Data acquisition, situational awareness, rapid and effective decision support are critical to the physical security and operational effectiveness of uniformed institutions.

Charged with protecting a multitude of physical and human assets, they must quickly and accurately assess and appropriately respond to incidents in accordance with established policies and operating procedures, under all threat conditions.

Their challenge is to analyse, correlate and manage the vast amounts of data provided by today’s security technologies, and VENOM PSIM Platform provides them with this.

Safe cities

We provide a consistent approach to creating safe cities systems that guarantees efficiency and better performance of urban security systems.

The VENOM PSIM Platform serves for integration and aggregation of multiple data generated by different security systems of urban agglomerations.

We provide valuable real-time material to assist and support proper decision-making through accurate aggregation and visualisation of data during various types of incidents.